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Welsh Junior Championships 2019

Friday 21 June 2019

The WJC were held in Wrexham last Saturday and Sunday. The weather dry and breezy. Sunday sun, and some rain showers with a strong breeze against runners running into finish line. There was a huge amount of tree pollen being blown off the trees onto the track, making it look like snow it so thick on the grass. The journey from South Wales (by road), to Wrexham is not an easy drive, athletes who stayed over night before their events, had advantage over those who didn't, or could not.

Cardiff Athletics athletes won 40 medals in all age groups i.e. U13/U15/U17/U20 male and female. Analysing where medals were won showed, Endurance 16, Field 14 and Sprints 10.    

Cardiff Athletics Medalists

  100m       U20W Issie Tustin 1st  GOLD. U17W Sandie Graham-Mulvaney 1st GOLD: Kirsty Law 2nd SILVER.

  100m H    U20W Isabel Breedon 1st GOLD: 80m H U17W Evie Wong 3rd BRONZE.

  200m       U20W Issie Tustin 1st  GOLD:  Lily Gaskin 3rd Bronze: U17W Sandie Graham-Mulvaney 3rd BRONZE.

  400m       U20M Morgan Glyndwr James 2nd SILVER:  Arron Jolly BRONZE.

  800m       U17M Benjamin Reynolds 1st GOLD:  U15M Ben Farrell 1st GOLD.

  800m       U17W Moli Lyons 2nd SILVER:  U15W Evie Watkins 1st GOLD.

1500m       U17M Benjamin Reynolds 1st GOLD:  Jacob Reynolds 2nd SILVER.  

1500m       U17W Moli Lyons 2nd SILVER: U13W Alice Davies 3rd BRONZE.

3000m       U20M Morgan James 2nd SILVER: U17M Lloyd Sheppard 1st GOLD.

1500m s/c U17M Harry Vowles BRONZE. U17W Bethany Gold 2nd SILVER.

2000m s/c U20M Owain Edward 1st GOLD: Alex Jackson  BRONZE.

1000m W   U13W Millie Gold 1st GOLD. 

3000M W    U20M Daniel McKerlich SILVER.

HJ               U17M Elliot Lewis 2nd SILVER:  U13M Leon Gregson 3rd BRONZE.

HJ               U20W Emily Steer GOLD.

PV               U15M Aharon Graham-Mulvaney 3rd BRONZE.

PV               U20W Catlin Leggett 1st GOLD: Grace Leggett 2nd SILVER. 

PV               U17W Isabel Thomas 1st GOLD: Eleri Eirys James 3rd BRONZE. 

LJ                U17M Ben Vincent 2nd SILVER. 

TJ                U15M Aharon Graham-Mulvaney 3rd BRONZE.  

TJ                U17W Sandie Graham-Mulvaney 2nd SILVER. 

SP                U17W Bree Cronin 1st GOLD. 

DT                U17W Bree Cronin 1st GOLD.

HT                U20W Ffion Palmer 1st GOLD. 


Besides the long journey to Wrexham, the England Athletics Championships U20/U23 start tomorrow, may have put some club athletes from competing.

Well done to ALL Cardiff Athletics athletes who took part WJC at Wrexham. Full results are on WA's and Pof10, use LINKS in left column.