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Parkrun Cardiff 5th January 2019

Sunday 6 January 2019

A new womens Parkrun UK record time of 15.50 was achieved by Cardiff's Charlotte Arter in finishing 2nd overall, only beaten by 1 second to a SM, 903 finished the race. Went to watch race to support runner am coaching, and give a support shout to other Cardiff and runners seen passing me in race. Due to numbers in race it was difficult to spot Cardiff runners who wore all sorts of tops.

A leading group of men and Charlotte shot past me by the weir about 1km from start, they were really going fast, with Charlotte tucked in with them. Following my support at weir, once field thinned out, walked to point, just before 400m from finish. Got a good view of runners running past house up towards me. Charlotte breathing hard was running alongside 1 man, watched they passed 400m point, just before they got out of sight around a bend, could see Charlotte opening up a short lead.

Charlotte started back trainining following an injury that lost her place in GB team for European Championships in Berlin last summer. Charlotte started with Parkrun last November equalling her fastest time 16.10. A week later finished 7th in Burgps Spain XC International race, just under 2 weeks later won the European XC Trials in Liverpool, and 2 weeks later was 7th In European XCC in TIBURG Netherlands, leading the British team home.

Charlotte over the last 2 years, has become one of the top UK female endurance runners guided by her coach, Chris Jones. Thus has started 2019 in good fitness shape, with taking 20secs off her pb time. Her next race will be in Scotland, International Cross Country races.

Other Cardiff runners in Parkrun race include.

Alex Jackson       JM 15-17    15th

James Gold         JM 15- 17   22nd

Aeron Evans        SM             23rd

Mia Goddard       JW 15-17    48th

Lloyd Bridges      JM 15-17    62nd 

Bethany Gold      JW 15- 17   88th

Bethan Meyrick   JW 15-17   105th

Catlin Chapman  JW 15-17   144th

Isobelle Jones     JW 15-17   159th

Millie Gold           JW 11-14   204th

Molly Grimley     SW 18-19   269th  

Some people don't show their club name, so hard to find in 903 results.