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Cardiff top in Region

Sunday 26 May 2013

Cardiff athletes dominated the South Wales regional championships held at Newport yesterday, 25th May.

In generally good but occasionally breezy and cold conditions, Cardiff athletes won 162 medals, plus another 15 in the East Wales championships that were held in conjunction.

European 400m hurdles Champion Rhys Williams, looking to test his flat speed, won the 400m in a personal best time of 46.69 from Gareth Hopkins (48.74) and Daniel Dell (50.79). the 400m was just one of 15 events where Cardiff won all three medals.

Clean sweeps were achieved in the U13 boys high jump, U15 boys 200m, U15 girls 100m, U15 girls 200m, U15 girls long jump, U17 mens 100m, U17 mens 800m, U17 mens 1500m, U17 women's 300m hurdles, U20 mens 1500m, U20 mens shot put, senior mens 400m, senior mens 1500m, senior womens 200m, under 20 womens 1500 (East Wales).

Triple individual winners were Jessica Wadley, Harry Hillman and Francis Baker; brother and sister James and Rebecca Kennett each won their respective 100m; Ryan and Kieran Grimwade were also double winners; and young Jay Morse, following in big brother Brett's footsteps, won the under 13 boys shot put and discus.

Numerous personal best performances were recorded.

It is interesting to note that Cardiff athletes were in action in all four of the regional championships over the weekend. Is this unique?

Cardiff's individual medallists were:

Under 13 boys:
Gold:  James Kennett (100m);  Adam Mohsin (high jump);  Jay Morse (shot put & discus).
Silver:  Tomi Owens (800m);  Huw Ward (75m hurdles);  Oliver Cooper (high jump);  James Kennett (javelin);  Jonathan Gibson (long jump).
Bronze:  Jonathan Gibson (high jump);  Adam Moshin (javelin).

Under 13 girls:
Gold:  Jessica Wadey (100m & 200m & 800m);  Lucy Dennis (1500m).
Silver:  Lana Culliford (70m hurdles);  Sofia Vella (800m & long jump);  Abi Fisher (1500m);  Bethan Gammon (discus).
Bronze:  Lana Culliford (100m);  Kiara Frizelle (800m);  Alisha Hayes (1500m);  Bethan Gammon (shot put & javelin);  Alice Cudihee (discus). 

Under 15 boys:
Gold:  Harry Hillman (100m & 80m hurdles & high jump);  Sam Wink (200m);  Jake Heyward (800m);  Rhys Jones (1500m);  Joshua Whiston (3000m);  Owain Thomas-Jenkins (shot put);  Kieran Grimwade (hammer & javelin).
Silver:  Stephen Jones (200m & 300m);  Aled George (800m);  Rhodri Davies (pole vault);  Owain Thomas-Jenkins (hammer).
Bronze:  Sam Wink (100m);  James Abdilahi (200m);  James Vincent (high jump);  Jasper Hawkins (pole vault);  Kieran Grimwade (shot put). 

Under 15 girls:
Gold: Rebecca Kennett (100m);  Bethan Register (200m & 300m);  Seren Alin (800m);  Gwenno Waddington (1500m);  Amber Harding (3000m);  Lauren Evans (75m hurdles);  Catrin Lord (long jump);  Elen Evans (hammer).
Silver:  Catrin Lord (100m & 200m);  Caitlin Exton (300m);  Emily Griffin (800m);  Victoria Shaw (1500m);  Lauren Evans (long jump);  Elen Evans (shot put & hammer).
Bronze:  Anna Roelvink (100m);  Rebecca Kennett (200m); Lauren Evans (high jump);  Katy Green (long jump).

Under 17 men:
Gold:  Iori Moore (100m & 200m);  Dafydd George (800m);  Ciaran Lewis (1500m);  Ryan James (400m hurdles);  Tom Trotman (high jump & long jump);  Ryan Grimwade (hammer); Gage Francis (triple jump).
Silver:  James Carlisle (100m);  Corey Lower (200m);  Ryan James (400m);  James Duffy (800m);  Lewis Brunt (1500m);  Luke Harry (400m hurdles);  Ryan Grimwade (high jump & javelin).
Bronze:  Gage Francis (100m);  Corey Lower (400m);  Nicholas Jones (800m);  Liam Hatch (1500m).

Under 17 women:
Gold:  Kate Seary (1500m);  Alice Nottingham (80m hurdles & triple jump);  Megan Williams 300m hurdles);  Lottie Coakley (high jump);  Olivia Evans (pole vault);  Claire Taylor (shot put);  Tasia Stephens (javelin).
Silver:  Olivia Evans (200m);  Kate Seary (300m);  Rosie-May Thompson (1500m);  Danni Short (300m hurdles);  Lucy Maton (high jump);  Claire Taylor (long jump).
Bronze:  Amelia Graham (100m);  Megan Williams (200m);  Lucy Cuddihee (300m & 300m hurdles); Olivia Evans (long jump);  Brooke Langton-Cryer (shot put). 

Under 20 men:
Gold:  Jacob Preece (800m);  Sam Longville (1500m);  Matthew Edwards (3000m);  Ryan Cooper (400m hurdles);  Jonathan Bailey (high jump);  Adrian Lawrence (triple jump);  Matthew Field (shot put);  Matteo Holmes (discus);  Jac Palmer (hammer);  Ryan Leonard (javelin).
Silver:  Mark Prentice (100m & 200m);  Jack Gooch (1500m);  Jacob Preece (triple jump);  Matteo Holmes (shot put & hammer & javelin).
Bronze:  Jacob Preece (1500m & shot put). 

Under 20 women:
Gold:  Molly Probert (100m & 200m);  Lara Durrani (400m);  Rebecca Evans (800m & 1500m);  Cerys Broad (high jump);  Lucy Daly (pole vault).
Silver:  Lara Durrani (200m).

Senior men:
Gold:  Gareth Hopkins (200m);  Rhys Williams (400m);  Mike Ward (1500m);  Brian Dias (3000m);  Francis Baker (high jump & discus & javelin);  Adam Williams (triple jump).
Silver:  Francis Baker (100m);  Daniel Dell (200m);  Gareth Hopkins (400m);  Brian Dias (800m);  Stephen Morris (1500m);  Sean Power (triple jump).
Bronze:  Daniel Dell (400m);  Brian Dias (1500m).

Senior women:

Gold:  Rhiannon Linnington-Payne (100m);  Emma Pullen (200m);  Emily Brown (800m & 1500m);  Sarah Kelly (long jump);  Alyson Hourihan (shot put & discus).
Silver:  Rhiannon Linnington-Payne (200m); Sue Hooper (100m);  Alyson Hourihan (hammer & javelin).
Bronze:  Sue Hooper (200m).

East Wales medallists:

Gold: Ryan Lee (U20 men 200m & 400m);  Charlie Walker (U20 men 800m);  Ffion Price (U20 women 800m & 1500m);  Bethan Hill-Howell (U20 women triple jump);  Chris Prothero (SM 100m);  Bethan Strange (SW 400m & 800m).
Silver:  Melissa Roberts (U17 women 200m);  Malika Rezougui (U20 women 800m);  Rhianwedd Price (U20 women 1500m);  Ashley Andrews (SM hammer).
Bronze:  Malika Rezougui (U20 women 800m). 

West Wales:
Gold:  Thomas Hanson (U13 boys 100m & 200m)
Silver:  Thomas Hanson (U13 boys shot put). 

North Wales:
Gold:  Gwynant Jones (U20 mens 800m).

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