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Welsh Cross Country Championships

Thursday 28 February 2019

Last week end saw a number of events held over 23/24th February with a lot of success for Cardiff athletes. The 2019 Welsh XCC at Pembrey Country Park, saw the debut of our new club tent/marquee. Races were held for Primary age groups, through age groups, up to senior men and women that included masters awards. Apart from senior races, only the younger age had decent numbers of 50 finishers. Senior men 158 finishers, and senior ladies 131 finishers. Apart from U13B race, all club teams had podium places. Most pleasing result was our senior men's victory in team race, for first time in years. Our senior ladies team finished 2nd another pleasing result, thanks to Hannah Pretty's efforts with recruitment, and getting teams out on day. Photo shows senior men's team. From left, Owen Haswell, Ieuan Thomas, James Thie, James Hunt, Dan Nash, Stephen Morris.

Mark Gold left Cardiff at 6.30am to make sure tent was up, and admin work in place. Bernie Plain suggested at the February Management Committee, that the club hold XC awards in Welsh XCC, as in past years. It was unamously agreed. A table was set up outside tent with all the trophys on view by age catergory. To see the young runners boys and girls smiling faces upon receiving their club plaques, and their photos taken was great, their parents enjoyed presentations too. Inside tent a table was set up for numbers to be given out to runners, water bottles and biscuits were available, and seats were appreciated by runners.

Club Welsh Team results. Lead runners and CLUB AWARDS 

Primary Boys 3rd. Harry Turner 6th.     Club: Harry 1st. Tom Sturdy 2nd. Joshua Sanders 3rd.

Primary Girls 2nd. Millie Gold 4th.        Club: Millie 1st. Bryony Boyce 2nd. Rebecca Harries 3rd.

U13 Boys 4th. Elis Finlayson 9th.         Club: Elis 1st. Alex Rideout 2nd. Standley Jones 3rd.

U13 Girls 2nd. Iona Roderick 6th.        Club: Iona 1st. Yasmin Hadid 2nd. May Peate 3rd.

U15 Boys 2nd. Osian Tyrrell 7th.         Club: Osian 1st. Ben Farrell 2nd. Lloyd Jones 3rd.

U15 Girls 1st. Moli Lyons 2nd.             Club: Moli 1st. Fiona Bostock 2nd. Evie Watkins 3rd.

U17M      1st. Llody Sheppard 3rd.      Club: Llody 1st. Alex Jackson 2nd. Efan Owen 3rd.

U17/20W 3rd. Laura Wright 9th.         Club: Laura 1st. Mia Goddard 2nd. Bethan Meyrick 3rd.

Senior Men 1st. Ieuan Thomas 2nd James Hunt 3rd. 

                                                       Club: Ieuan 1st. James 2nd. Dan Nash 3rd.

                                                       Club:  M40 James Thie 1st. Tim Fry 2nd Paul Edwards 3rd.

Senior Women 2nd. Megan Carter Davies 4th.

                                                       Club: Megan 1st. Rebecca Evans 2nd. Emily Brown 3rd. MW50 Ainsley Gold 1st.