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Gwent League Bryn Bach Parc Monday 31 December 2018

Blaise Castle XC 2012

Apologies for delay in posts in December. Unfortunately went down with a virus in mid November, that was not pleasant, as others have found, it's hard to fully shake off. There has been other reasons, but enough of reasons why.

Reporting on the third Gwent League at Bryn Bach Parc, held on Sunday 2nd December, didin't attend re above. However feed back and checking the site details, a number of issues occurred. There is a lake with a building on far side, that entries were taken. Fine, as long as no late entries turn up. The tent village on the near side of lake, with the course 400m further away, going up a hill to get there. Thus logistics were an issue, the course, was isolated from tents and race, entries centre. Poor weather didn't help on the day, with a cold wind and rain showers. First Aid was there, but not seen on course.

Cardiff runner Millie Gold (Novice Girls) had a serious foot injury during race, finished race, but needed to be carried 400m down hill to tent. The injury, split open her toe that required stitches. However it was hours before she could leave Bryn Bach Parc. 

Welsh Athletics Junior Regionals Thursday 6 December 2018

Day 1 of the Welsh Athletics Junior Indoor Open took place at NIAC on Sunday 2nd December, that included entries from South West England. There was Track events over 200m/300m/and 400m. The Field events  included High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, and Shot Putt for U13, U15, age groups.

A number of Cardiff athletes won medals for South Wales Regional team. There was a clean sweep in the U17W races with Cardiff sprinters winning Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal, with Emmanuella Kone winning Gold medal.

There were Gold medals in field events including Ben Hillman U17M HJ (pictured).

See Cardiff's medal performances below.   


News Archive