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World Masters Championships

Friday 5 April 2019

James Thie took part in the World Masters Championships held in TURUN, Poland. James won his 1500m M40 heat on 29th March in 4.11.50 from Nadutti Italy 2nd 4.12.88, with Merroune France 3rd 4.13.40. The final was held on 30th March, James Thie won in 4.07.33 SB, from Juan Gil Spain 2nd 4.08.05, Catlatayud Perez Spain 3rd 4.08.42, Herrera Esteso Spain 4th 4.09.56. Naduutti Italy was 5th 4.12.70. From photos seen on FB James came around the Spanish runners off final bend taking lead, with gritted teeth held on to win the M40 World 1500m title. Spain had 6 runners in the 12 finalists. Endurance running is popular in Spain. Split photo shows James winning 1500m final, and his family support, following the podium presentations. Congratulations James. 

On same weekend on a different continent.

Mike Ward took part in his first 10km track race in Releigh, North Carolina,USA on 29th March. Mike was 18th in a class field of runners.

As the 10km was his first time 29.16.20 is a very good result.

Mike is in his last year at Bradley Uni and has certainly made an athletic impact on the Uni, during his time over there. His race prepartions, for the 10km race were good, with weekly mileage 70/80m range, long reps of 1km and 1200m, while doing a lower mileage and number of reps on race week, at a quicker pace.

Well done Mike.

Note: Andres Jones weekly mileage was similar as Mike' above, long reps in winter sessions, with fast reps going into the track season e.g. 500x4x2 73/75secs with 75secs rest. However the other important building blocks are quality races, chasing good runners over differnt distances, leading up to the main race targets.