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Welsh Senior League 3

Tuesday 25 June 2019

The third Welsh SL match took place on 22nd June at the excellent Aberdare location, after being without a track for 5 years the new facility at Aberdare has already seen a lot of competions in 2019.

The Welsh SL offers competition for all age groups, and giving athletes the chance to  take part in other events than their main one. Paul Edwards has been the driving force over the last few seasons in encouraging athletes to take part. He always takes part and has encouraged many of our Masters athletes to enjoy an enjoyable athletics experience.The picture shows some of our Masters who competed at Aberdare. Paul Edwards number 457. Michael Farrell (club treasurer) 435. Sharon Whyte 488. Rhian Edwards 462, Gail Gaskin no number.

Cardiff athletes taking part included:-

HT SM Jac Palmer U23M 1st 64.47. Michael Farrell M 9th 15.29.

HT SW Debra Tacuri 7th 29.13. Caitlin Chapman U20W 12th 19.73.

LJ Sara Geary SW 1st 5.51. 

DT SM Paul Edwards Master was 3rd, supported by Michael Farrell Master 7th 17.08, and Brian Dias SM 13.11.

DT SW Bree Cronin U17W 1st 38.45, Lucy Griffiths SW 3rd 31.44, Lily Gregson U17W 4th 26.52, Anais Rowlands U20W 25.80, Sharon Whyte Master 10th 14.48.

SP SW. Lucy Griffiths SW 1st 12.07. Bree Cronin U17W 2nd 11.50. Sara Geary SW 3rd 10.61. Sharon Whyte M 12th.           Rhian Edwards M 13th. 

SP SM. Evan JonesU17M 5th 7.94. Michael Farrell M  7th 7.01. Paul Edwards M 8th 7.01.  

TJ SM James King 1st 13.85. Tom Atkinson U20M 2nd 13.42 and Henry Newton U17M 9.87. 

TJ SW Sian Swanson 1st 10.94. Eliza Durnall U20W 10.09 4th, Sadie Graham-Mulvaney U17W 5th 9,99. 

200m SM. Heat 2 Arron Jolly U20M 2nd 22.78. Morgan Glyndwr James U20M 4th 23.19. Heat 2. Iestyn Edwards U20M 6th 25.23. Heat 3.Victor Zhang U17M 3rd 24.97. Heat 4. Michael Farrell Master 4th 30.50, Paul Edwards Master 5th 31.62 and Brian Dias SM 6th 31.75.

200m SW Heat 1 Sofia Vella U20W . 3rd 28.49, Gail Gaskin Master 7th. Heat 2 Eden Williams U17W . 5th 27.74.   

46 Male and Female athletes took part in the 200m events.

800m SW Heddwen Daniel SW Heat 1. 2nd 2.32.08,  Alice Nottinham SW 3rd 2.35,33.

800m SM Ieuan Jones U20M Heat 1. 4th 2.05.26.  Heat 2. Lloyd Sheppard U17M 1st 2.08.18. Noah Emest U17M 2nd 2.10.01.  Heat 3. Cian Ralphs 2nd U17M 2nd 2.26.47. Rhys Simmonds U17M 3rd 2.27.11 

1500m SW Moli Lyons U17W 1st 4.46.36. Bethany Gold 8th 5.30.58. 

1500m SM Iestyn Edwards U20M 2nd 4.21.18. Alex Jackson U20M 4th 4,22.60. Efan Owen U20M 10th 4.38.56. James Gold U20M 13th 4.44.13. Brian Dias SM 15th 5.23.95. Tim Fry M 17th 5.29.37.

Open HJ. SW Emily Steer 2nd 1.55. SM Jacob Mace 8th 1.55.


Well done to ALL Cardiff Athletics athletes who competed in match 3 at Aberdare. 

Match 4 Saturday 4th August at Swansea. Contact Mark in Office, or Paul Edwards.