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National Road Relays

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Cardiff fielded two men's teams and a ladies' team in the prestigious National Road Relay championships held in Birmingham's Sutton Park on Saturday last, 15th October. Both the men's A team and the ladies' team finished a respectable 11th in in their respective six and four stage races. Adam Bitchell led off the men's team with club captain James Thie bringing the team home across the finish line. Debbie Rees led off the ladies' with Michelle Allen taking the final leg.

The actual performances of the teams were as follows:

Men's A team:
Leg 1:  Adam Bitchell (16th)  17:39
Leg 2:  Ieuan THomas (24th)  18:27
Leg 3:  Alex Hains (15th)  17:45
Leg 4:  Tommy Davies (13th)  17:54
Leg 5:  Kevin Seaward (11th)  17:58
Leg 6:  James Thie (11th)  18:09

Total team time:  1:47.49

Men's B team:
Leg 1:  Michael Kershaw (58th)  18:52
Leg 2:  Rowan Axe (44th)  18:10
Leg 3:  Shane Kerr (36th)  18:32
Leg 4:  James Mills (35th)  19:04
Leg 5:  Chris Green (40th)  19:41
Leg 6:  Michael Kallenberg (34th)  19:10

Total team time:  1:53.29 

Ladies' team:
Leg 1:  Debbie Rees (17th)  15:13
Leg 2:  Charlotte Artur (10th)  15:29
Leg 3:  Bethan Strange (10th)  15:57
Leg 4:  Michelle Allen (10th)  16:12

Total team time:  1:05.16

The men's A team produced an overall time better than that of 2010 despite slipping one place from 10th to 11th.

The ladies team's performance in 11th place was a big improvement on last year's 23rd and only narowly behind their 8th place in 2009.

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