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Men & women in top ten

Sunday 9 April 2017

On a glorious day with clear blue skies and little wind, Cardiff's senior men's and women's road relay teams both finished in the top ten in the national twelve and six stage relays at Sutton Park yesterday, 8th April.

The women's team finished in seventh place while the men's team ended in tenth after leading the field for the first five stages.

Cardiff ladies celebrate.

At precisely twelve noon, Matt Clowes set off on the first (long) leg of the 12 stage race and produced a fine run to hand over to Tom Marshall well ahead of the rest. Tom ran the fastest of the stage two runners (he was the second fastest short leg runner over the entire race) to extend the Cardiff lead, with Swansea pulling up to second, more than one minute behind. Mike Kallenberg maintained Cardiff''s lead with Swansea slipping to fourth. Ciaran Lewis kept Cardiff in the lead and handed over to Ieuan Thomas, fresh from his fast steeplechase in the USA, who kept Cardiff in the lead. Swansea had Dewi Griffiths on this leg and he pulled Swansea up to second, running the fastest long leg of the day.

Ieuan handed over to Steve Morris on stage six which proved to be the turning point of the whole race; Swansea took a lead that they were never to relinquish and Cardiff slipped to second. Joel Redman and Elliott Richards ran well on stages seven and eight, handing over in third and fourth places respectively. James Hunt kept Cardiff in fourth on stage nine, Brian Dias slipped to tenth before Carwyn Jones pulled back one place on stage eleven. Club stalwart Nat Lane, drafted into the team the day before, finally brought the team home in tenth place.

In such company, tenth was an excellent result and, with younger athletes coming into contention, Cardiff can certainly aim to win this race.

The women's six stage race was led off by Carys Hughes who, despite feeling under the weather, kept the team in contention, handing over to Lucy Marland in 17th place, Lucy brought the team to fifteenth before Emily Brown improved to twelfth and Clara Evans ran the sixth fastest leg of the day to hand over to Bethan Evans in eighth. Charlotte Gaughan completed the team and ran an excellent leg to cross the line in a highly respectable seventh place. 

In the men's team, Matt Clowes ran the overall fifth fastest long leg, Mike Kallenberg the fourth best on stage three, Ciaran Lewis seventh best on stage four, Ieuan Thomas third fastest of stage five, Steve Morris eighth on stage six and James Hunt fifth best on stage nine. Carwyn Jones was sixth fastest on stage eleven.

In the women's team, Emily Brown was the sixth fastest stage three runner, Clara Evans fourth best on stage four and Bethan Evans ninth on stage five.

Congratulations to Swansea's men for winning the twelve stage and to their women for coming second in the six stage. this means that Cardiff's men are the current title holders of the six stage relay (won last October) and Swansea's men the twelve stage, an excellent result for Wales.

The 12 stage results can be seen HERE and the 6 stage HERE.

Elsewhere, actually in Budapest, Dan Nash, who would have been a member of the twelve stage team, was today the winner of an international half marathon in 66.50m., close to his personal best.