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Harry the hero

Monday 20 June 2016

With continuous rain, frequently heavy, throughout the day, the conditions faced by the teams in Swansea yesterday for the third round of the UK Youth Development League (lower age groups) did not dampen their enthusiasm in an enthralling competition.

With rivals Cardiff AAC and Swansea H & AC swapping the lead throughout, Cardiff finally came out on top, winning the final track event, the under 15 boys' 4x300m relay, in great style and heading Swansea by a mere one and a half points, with Cardiff Archers a further 120 points behind in third place.

With one round to go, Swansea lead the division by two league points from Cardiff.

In a team competition, every point counts and, on Sunday, none more so than those gained by Harry Owen. Harry (13) had come to Swansea to take part in the non-scoring 100m but, when Ben Reynolds was forced to withdraw from the under 15 boys' 1500m B race, Harry volunteered to do it for the points. (Apparently team manager Jen Stone promised him a Welshcake if he would and that he should not worry if he came last.) Harry was cheered to the finish, did come last but counted as third in the B race and, without these points, Cardiff would have finshed second and not first. Of course, every other member of the team was just as important to the final result but well done to Harry. That's team spirit.

Despite the awful conditions, there were excellent performances from Cardiff and plenty of event winners in each age group. The individual event winners were.

Under 15 boys: Luca Contino (100m A, discus A & shot put A); Joseph Coope-Franklin (200m A & 300m A); Harvey Reynolds (200m B & 300m B); Daniel John (800m A); Harry Griffiths (800m B); Lloyd Clarke (discus B & hammer B); Evan Morgan (hammer A); Simeon Santima (high jump A).

Under 13 boys: Ben Hughes (800m B); Jacob Reynolds (1500m A); Ryan Edwards (1500m B); Louis Shugar-Rocherfort (75m hurdles A); Fin Hall (javelin A); Luca Logue-Fonseca (long jump B).

Under 15 girls: Issie Tustin (100m A & 200m A); Nia Grundy (100m B & 200m B); Saffie Maurice (75m hurdles A); Brooke Annandale (75m hurdles B); Anais Rowlands (discus A); Cassey Grimwade (discus B & hammer A); Scarlet Russell (javelin B); Isobel Owen (long jump B); Rhianna Satterly (pole vault B).

Under 13 girls: Maddy Jones (75m B & 150m B); Alana Lea (800m A); Jemima Robinson (800m B); Eden Williams (1200m A).

The under 15 boys and girls both won their 4x100m relays and the under 15 boys won the 4x300m relay.

The match result was:

1. Cardiff AAC (643.5 points)
2. Swansea H & AC (642)
3. Cardiff Archers (521.5)
4. Cheltenham H & AC (373)
5. South Wales (300)
6. North Somerset AC (184)

The league position after three rounds is:

1. Swansea H & AC (17 points)
2. Cardiff AAC (15)
3. Cardiff Archers (13)
4. Cheltenham H & AC (9)
5. South Wales (6)
6. North Somerset AC (3)

The full results can be seen here.

Congratulations to the team on a great result; can we repeat it in the next round?

A special mention and thanks need to go to team managers Jen Stone and Gail Gaskin who worked tirelessly all day; parents should remember that the team managers are volunteers who do a difficult job and that without them there would be no teams and no competitions for their children. Fortunately, most parents appreciate this and are very supportive and cooperative.

Thanks also to all the officials who worked out in the rain throughout the day and must have dearly wished to be somewhere else. Without officials there can be no sport.  Cardiff thanks especially Seren Phillips who volunteered as a timekeeper to ensure that we provided our full complement of officials and did not risk any penalty points.

The Team managers write:


Happy Father’s Day!  Thank you to all of the father’s who brought their children to compete and missed out on family lunches; and to the officials who did the same. 

Travelling along the M4 on the team bus, I felt dismay at the grey clouds and drizzly rain.  It was like ground hog day!   The same conditions as Match 2 - or was it worse?  It was more like a swimming gala at times but as usual our talented young athletes went PB crazy!

U15G                                                  U13G

Lily Gaskin 300m                        Holly Medina 75m & 150m

Nia Clatworthy 1500m                Maddy Jones 75m & 150m

Brooke Annandale 75m Hu          Eden Williams 1200m

Anais Rowlands DT                     Jemima Robinson 800m & HJ

Emily Steer = HJ                        Gabby Dickinson LJ                       

Isobel Owen = HJ                       Katie Gould SP

The YDL league is about winning points for the team and with the result see sawing back and forth between us and Swansea every gap needed to be filled.  Well done to Emily and Nia for running in the 4 x 300m relay with only half an hour’s rest after their 1500m.  And whilst I know that this is the girls’ team report, a special thank you to Harry ‘Hero’ Owen who ran the 1500m – not a bad effort for a sprinter!

Thank you to our officials and parents who got soaked running our allocated events.  A special thank you to Seren Phillips who, at 15, had never tried timekeeping but gave it a go so that we wouldn’t miss out on any points.

I have to remind all athletes and parents that the club does have a code of conduct.  It can be found on the club web site http://www.cardiffaac.org/codeofconduct.htm

Please remember that team managers are volunteers and give up a lot of time and energy to do what they do. 

Despite the horrible weather, the team won by 1.5 points – a win is a win!

Jen Stone


Boys Team

Despite not being there myself, I could sense the exciting back in Cardiff. But, little did I know that this match would go down as our best YDL performance ever. A grand total of 643.5 points, beating  Swansea by a mere 1.5 points, and surpassing our previous best of 619!

Under 13 Boys

Heroes and Champions!!

We moved things around. Jacob Reynolds and Ryan Edwards running the 1500m made a huge difference, winning both A and B races; plus with the return of Luca, Charlie and Louis, confidence was high.

The performance of the day has to go to Louis Shugar-Rocherfort. A great win in the 75m Hurdles A race was followed by another win in the 200m B race. He wasn’t done yet with a PB in the 100m and leading the 4x100m team to an excellent second place.

In the 800m, team regulars Ben Hughes and Lloyd Jones were at their usual awesome best,  with a PB for Ben winning the B race.

In the field Fin and Charlie stole the show with a first in the Javelin A and second in the B. In the Shot, Evan Jones made his first YDL appearance for Cardiff AAC - great debut Evan.
In the Long jump, who else; Ben Vincent and Luca were back together to get the points.

We should all be very proud of the under 13 boys. This was a great TEAM effort. Well done boys J

 Under 15 Boys

Heroes and Champions – part 2!!

Our Sprinters are awesome! FACT! In the 100m, 200m, 300m, 800m, 4x100 and 4x300m, the U15 boys scored 88 out of a possible 90 points! That is awesome!

If athletics had an MVP award, it would have Luca Contino written all over it. Luca became the first Cardiff AAC athlete ever to achieve the maximum, 36 points! 100m A, Discus A, Shot Put A, 4x100m anchor leg; win, win, win, win, MAXIMUM points.

Joseph and Harvey owned the 200m and 300m, winning the A and B races in both events.
Daniel John and Harry Griffiths won the A and B races, in the 800m and, in the 100m, Carter Staples made a welcome return from injury to the YDL. Carter would later team up with Simeon, Ben Hillman and Luca for a brilliant win in the 4x100m.

In the 80m Hurdles, Matthew Register was also back from injury with a great PB. In the B race Ben Hillman did extremely well in his first Hurdles race and Samuel Griffin did very well in tough conditions in the 1500m.

We have fantastic throwers too. We know all about Luca, but Evan Morgan kicked off the whole match with an incredible 6 metre PB to win the Hammer competition. Lloyd Clarke is still scoring points for fun, taking first place in the Hammer B and Discus B, along with a second in the Shot Put B.

The extremely popular and ever present Tyler Santos gave another brilliant performance in tough conditions. A great example of a team player! Well done to Tyler, Lloyd and Evan for a great points haul.

As for jumps, it was another brilliant display from Simeon and Jonathan Gibson in the High Jump, with a PB for Simeon. Jon and Adam kept the points coming in the PV with Ben Hillman and Jonathan getting the points in the LJ.

BUT, more than anything, this Swansea match will forever be remembered for one thing. The 100m sprinter who ran the 1500m, to win the match. I could almost hear the cheers in Cardiff.

Harry Owen, take a bow sir!!

Harry got 4 points for filling in the 1500m. We won the match by 1.5 points. The maths are simple…

The Under 15 Boys were incredible. It’s hard to believe there is a better team anywhere in the UK right now!! Well done boys.


The final round of this season will be in Cheltenham on 16th July.